FAQs prepared by ASX, and JORC in consultation with ASIC, regarding the application of the JORC Code and ASX Listing Rules for entities with mining projects can be found here.

A matrix of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers is available here.


JORC Code 2012 Edition and related documents

International Translations

As high quality international translations of the JORC Code become available they will be made available here. If you are interested in contributing to an international translation, please first make contact with the JORC Committee via so that you can be assisted in avoiding duplication of effort and ensure that the translation is able to meet the JORC Committee’s expectations.

Please note that in all cases the English-language version of the JORC Code, 2012 Edition takes precedence in the case of any question over interpretation and intent in applying an international translation of the JORC Code.


Spanish translation:

A Spanish translation of the JORC Code is available here and is intended as a support guide for Spanish speaking Competent Persons and their teams to assist in the preparation of public reports. As always, in the event of a conflict between the translation and the English version, the original English version takes precedence.


Chinese translation:

The JORC parent bodies commissioned a Chinese translation of the 2012 JORC Code in October 2013. A draft translation was used at a number of JORC training courses for senior Chinese professionals in China during 2013 and 2014, and a process of review was instigated to create a final version. JORC would like to thank Prof Charles Qin, the Managing Director and Chief Interpreter of Chin Communications, Mr Zhu Yang Yang FAusIMM, the Founding Chairman of XK Global Mining Center of Excellence, a subsidiary of Exco Resources Beijing Co., Ltd, and Mr Peter Stoker HonFAusIMM(CP), the Deputy Chairman of JORC and Principal Geologist of AMC Consultants Pty Ltd, for their leadership and organisation of this first official translation of JORC Code into the Chinese language. JORC is very appreciative of the financial and in-kind support of the many companies and organisations in China and Australia which assisted in the development of the translation (see the foreword to the translation for further details).

The official Chinese translation of the JORC Code is available here. As always in the event of conflict between the translation and the English version, the original English version takes precedence.

Printed copies of the official translation can be purchased for RMB¥88 each from:

  • 艾思凯全球矿业卓越中心/艾思科矿产资源勘探开发(北京)有限公司
  • 地址:北京市西城区新街口外大街28号院C座205室,邮编:100088
  • 网址: 电话:010 82052916 传真: 010 82052917
  • XK Global Mining Center of Excellence / Exco Resources Beijing Co., Ltd
  • Add.: C205, No.28 Xinjiekouwai Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R.China 100088
  • Website:
  • Tel: +86 10 82052916 Fax: +86 10 82052917


The JORC Code and the Coal Guidelines, June 2015
Presenter: Peter Stoker

Summary: An overview of the relationship between the JORC Code (2012 Edition) and the 2014 Edition of the Australian Guidelines for the Estimation and Classification of Coal Resources.


Progress on the revision of the Chinese Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Reporting Standard
Author: Peter Stoker

Summary: The current (1999) Chinese classification standard is discussed along with progress of a review undertaken on the basis that, although largely satisfactory, the current system is not regarded as particularly suitable for reporting in a market economy. An outline of the proposed revised system is presented, along with a brief discussion on the relationship of the Chinese classification system to the CRIRSCO Template.


The International Mining Industry Linking the Upstream Mineralisation With the Downstream Money
Author: N Miskelly

Summary: There are five main factors of production in any mining development mineralisation, materials, manpower, management and money. Let's focus on the upstream input mineralisation, and the downstream input money, especially in the area of communications. Unknown to many, the Competent Person reporting on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves has a direct and unavoidable impact on the company's financial statements the profit and loss account and balance sheet. With respect to reporting of the major asset of most mining companies the resources/reserves investors are getting a better deal now than at any time in memory as regards flow and adequacy of information.

Historical documents

The early reports of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee and the previous editions of the JORC Code and guidelines are available by clicking the links below:

Other relevant historical documents are also available here:

Australian Coal Reporting Guidelines

Australian Guidelines for the estimation and classification of Coal Resources
Australian Guidelines for the estimation and classification of Coal Resources were published by the Coalfields Geology Council of New South Wales and the Queensland Resources Council in October 2014. This is the current version of the Guidelines referred to in the guidelines to Clause 42 of the JORC Code. To access the document please click here

Earlier versions of the coal guidelines are available here: 2001 edition; 2003 edition.

An overview of the history of the coal guidelines is provided here.